Dec 25, 2019

First post

Hello, world!

So why this blog? As someone building their career in tech, I realized that I needed a single place where I could begin to document and share the projects I've been working on, both at school and on my own time. Things like interactive data-driven stories, tip`s and tricks for working with Python and D3.js, and analyses of random datasets I find in my daily life.

But why not just put those things into a CV/Resume? Well, the short answer is that I still am -- companies still expect that if I apply for a job, I'll attach a CV, I still will. But a CV has some limitations that a blog like this does not. First, most companies want a CV to be 1 page (sometimes it's 1 page per decade of work experience, so for the forseeable future for me, it's 1 page). Obviously, that's a pretty strict limit on the things I can show prospective employers. Second, the kinds of things that I hope to populate this blog with are best seen and experienced rather than read about. A web app allowing users to interact with a natural language model of movie scripts will be much more effective if you actually get to use it. Third, and I think most importantly, creating an online presence through a blog is about more than getting jobs in the future. It's also about sharing what I've learned and built with the broader data science community, exploring different domains of interest, and giving my work a place to live on after it's been finished. Hopefully, having a place like this to put cool projects and sometimes-rambling thoughts will prod me to actually get those things done!

All those lofty goals in mind, I hope you enjoy the content I've put here! If something I have written here piques some interest in you and you'd like to here more about it, or if you think our interests are aligned in any way, please reach out! I'm always down to chat and/or meet up for coffee if we're in the same area.